Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pornhub Wants To Go Really Mainstream

The "YouTube" of porn wants to advertise. I won't go into the fact that pornography has been "mainstreamed" to a considerable extent already, or the reality of some porn stars crossing over to real television and movies, or the history of Snoop Dogg. Nor need I mention the ubiquitous presence of porn in our lives, from the Internet to the semi-porn everywhere else, from films to Carl's Jr. commercials. Pornhub apparently wants to take it (and you) to the next level with an advertising campaign.
The adult video site Pornhub is planning its first ever national advertising campaign, and it's asking the public to help.
Far from shying away from the limelight, the site is holding an open contest asking people to submit their best ideas for clever, safe-for-work advertising to run on television, in magazines, and on the Web. The winner will be awarded a one-year contract to be the site's first creative director.
Read more: Pornhub Is Planning A National Advertising Campaign — And It Wants You To Help

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