Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Liberal" Takes Comfort in Knowing Gay Man Jerked-Off Into Pickles At Chick-fil-A

For me, comfort comes from knowledge, not material things or even personal relationships. Like... I take great comfort in knowing a gay friend of mine who worked at Chick-fil-a jerked off into the pickles quite frequently during the time when anti-gay dipshits were lining up outside the door to eat there. No matter how down I'm feeling, that knowledge never fails to make me smile.-Bret Alan

Confirmation once again that "liberals" have no ethics worthy of decent people.


  1. Yup. Of course, it matters not that some people may not be anti-gay who caught got in that depraved behavior. It's amazing how these self-righteous assholes fight back; making them about as low as you can get as individuals.


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