Sunday, March 23, 2014

Resistance Against the New YouTube Police


  1. My God. The evil that swirls around us is deeper than we think if Google has turned on its viewers. Google has always been problematic - it has no 1-800 and can act without accountability. We're in need of a competitor badly - and fast. I'm wary of attacking google on my blog (they've shut be down twice before for no damn reason) because I'm with blogger for some strange reason. I would like to move out but don't know where to go; plus I'm lazy. My wife watches a cooking show - a very popular COOKING SHOW! - and it was 'flagged' and they don't know why.

    But it's okay, Nick. Progressive hipster douches and their bankrupted assortment of allies in the left camp have assured there's nothing to worry about if we have nothing to hide.

    1. You got shut down before? I didn't know that.

      Well, the problem is, Google dominates. Even in the search engine field, competitors can't get a toehold. There are alternatives, and I like Bing, but always find myself going to Google for searches, I suppose because even the name Google is now synonymous with searching.

      Actually I don't hate Google, their Blogger service is free and easy to use, and I've never had many complaints about it. The best alternative is probably Wordpress, which has a free service or a paid one. Ultimately, to have complete control, you'd have to pay for web hosting, buy a domain name and use Wordpress as your blogging platform. There are inexpensive web hosting services out there.

      As for YouTube it seems to have so many complaints by users and again, there are alternatives that some have switched to, but there is nothing on the scale of YouTube. If Google was General Motors, they'd control 90% of car sales in this country.


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