Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yellowstone Caldera : The Biggest Volcanic Eruption Ever Awaits (Maybe)

If only this would happen...too bad we probably won't see it in our lifetime, and if we do, it will likely be a relatively small eruption, not the massive and life destroying one the alarmists proclaim. Well, one can still hope.

The internet is a funny place. It is a bounty of incredible scientific information the likes of which the average person has never had at their fingertips. It is also a place where unsubstantiated and downright wrong rumors can catch fire and sweep people away in a fury. One of the biggest culprits in generating these blazes, at least in my neck of the woods, is Yellowstone Caldera. Very few volcanoes can offer the same insta-panic reaction that Yellowstone can, which leads to people either (a) making all sorts of wild conjectures out of fear and (b) making all sorts of wild conjectures out of malicious mischief.-So, You Think Yellowstone Is About to Erupt

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