Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Americans Despise Justice

I am convinced that our society has turned its back on justice.  The very concept of justice is pretty much dead in this country and the justice system only serves to provide the illusion of such a concept and to enrich private corporations who build prisons for the government.  But blame cannot be placed solely on the government or the individuals who run it.

Case in point, we have this wonderful story:

A campaign to save a pit bull that viciously attacked a four-year-old Arizona boy now has almost 45,000 signatures from supporters around the world who don't want the dog to be put down.

The fate of Mickey, a five-year-old pit bull terrier, was supposed to be decided on March 4, but a restraining order against his euthanasia was extended until a decision can be made about his fate.

In other words, an animal tried to kill a toddler and 45,000 people want to keep that animal alive.  Because he’s a cute doggie and I’m sure he’ll never do anything like that again.

There is no justice for the boy.  If there was, the owners of the pit bull would be forced to pay for his multiple surgeries.  The dog would be dead right now at the expense of the owners.

Instead, we see thousands of morons who do not care that a little boy was nearly killed by a pet dog.  Instead, we see a case of blaming the victim:

Supporters of Mickey say the boy shouldn't have been in the yard with the dog, and that Mickey was behaving instinctively because he believed the child was taking away his food.

It is the child’s fault for thinking that a pet wouldn’t attack him.  On a related note, it is the woman’s fault for being raped and she deserves to be stoned to death.

This is common sense.  If an animal attacks another human being with the intent of killing him or her and without provocation, then that animal needs to be put down.

This isn’t about a pit bull being a dangerous breed.  This isn’t really about the boy who was nearly killed and now has to breath and eat through tubes until he heals, then has to go through various surgeries to make him look somewhat normal again.

This is about how Western society, and America in particular, no longer care for true justice.  They no longer care about human life.  Instead we see a bunch of yahoos who believe that animals are more important than people.

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