Friday, March 14, 2014

Bye-Bye Obama

Carey Wedler burns her Obama shirt. From 2008 Obama supporter to a wised up anti-state activist. Good for her. I'll be subscribing and checking out her future YouTube videos. What I especially like about her is her realization that politics and political parties are not our salvation, and that she isn't just another "conservative" anti-Obama Republibot. She sums it up nicely at the end, stating that it doesn't matter what party is in office, and that the institution of government is the real problem. I'd call her an anarchist. Quite a conversion!

Yeah, I sort of fell for Obama, too. Back in 2008 it was a number of factors that foolishly lead me to have hope for change, or at least root for Obama over the others. Obama's campaign rhetoric was far removed from his actions once he was in the White House, but it seemed as if he might actually be anti-war and other forbidden things based on many of the things he said and positions he took. Scary John McCain and horrible Hillary made me wish for an Obama win in 2008, and though I didn't vote myself, I watched the election returns with interest and was happy with the results. I loved seeing the Clinton machine defeated in the Democrat primaries, but to what purpose? It's a stupid con game to fall victim to. I thought I had wised up after 2000 and the horrible mistake of George W. Bush (who I regret to say I voted for in the last election that I'll ever participate in) but I briefly fell for hope of change through politics again. Bush wanted a more "humble" foreign policy too, you'll remember. And now we face Hillary 2016? I thought we'd gotten rid of that monster, but the Clinton's political ambitions aren't demolished that easily. If she is the nominees of her rotten party in 2016, no doubt I'll be rooting for the other guy, but even if that's Rand Paul, I know now not to hope for anything significant. God help us all.

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