Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kansas to criminalize complaints against cops?

House Bill 2698 in the Kansas State legislature has run cold, but if enacted, it would deal a serious blow to anyone who has a complaint against cops. The bill would remove the option to complain anonymously, allow the cop in question to see the evidence against him or her before investigation, prevent the FBI or other agencies from looking into complaints the cops deemed fraudulent, and perhaps worst of all, criminalize the filing of a complaint that is dismissed by cops.-http://youtu.be/qWdvFO1QKrU

It would appear that this bill is simply designed to intimate victims of police abuse. In a police state age of militarized cops and curtailed civil liberties and stories almost every day of innocent citizens brutalized by thugs in government uniform, no wonder the powers that be (the state) are getting worried and are now hopelessly trying to "nip in the bud" the right of the people to respond to the injustices of "law" enforcement.

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