Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Whistling Wednesday

Sometimes you just feel like posting some music. We've had music series here such as Music Monday and occasional posts called "music breaks", so I wanted to start that again and continue on some kind of regular basis. Now, as for the title of this new feature, I couldn't exactly call it "Music Wednesday", as that's just doesn't have the alliterative ring to it that Music Monday does. So, while Music Mondays may soon return here, for right now, you'll have to settle for Whistling Wednesday!

George Harrison - Beware Of Darkness - Acoustic Version

George Harrison grew as a composer during his time with the Beatles, but even with that growth and song writing talent, Paul and John rejected many of his songs, and they never appeared on Beatles albums. George would get one or two tracks per LP, with the bulk of the material being Lennon/McCartney compositions. With the break-up of the band, George had a backlog of songs to record in the studio as a solo artist, and his critical and popular success All Things Must Pass was born. I've never heard this version of Beware of Darkness, but when I first heard the song on my used record store purchase of a vinyl copy of the triple album, I loved it, and the other songs as well. By the time the Beatles were ending, Harrison had become a songwriter to match John and Paul, with a couple of his masterpieces thankfully making it on the Beatles final album Abbey Road (yes, it was Abbey Road, though chronologically Let It Be was last to be released) one of which was the great love song Something.

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  1. There's rich texture to his music. Lennon's solo work by contrast seems vapid and tiresome in its verbal twaddle. Crazy they overlooked him but hey.


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