Thursday, March 6, 2014

And You Thought Bush Was A Lousy Speaker!

The Commentator has some thoughts...

It's been my contention that I never considered Obama much of a speaker, let alone orator. Anyone with a strong grasp of history and is capable of using their imagination and memory would have concluded the same. That plus the fact Obama stammers a lot thinking out loud as he speaks.

Yet, yet. The world cried. They hugged. They believed. He was a genius. He was the 'smartest guy in the room.' He had deep thoughts.

Has anyone seen any of these deep thoughts in action?

No. Seriously. If you can find me ONE quote or idea that will transcend the test of time I will give you a big thumb's up.

But forget about me and my acid tongue.

The Guardian looked at "How the linguistic standard of the presidential address has declined."
Know what's funny? Other than ranking as second to worse? Obama ranks lower than one George W. Bush!

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