Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Disastrous Consequences of Government "Healthcare"

Good post by Ilíon on the disastrous consequences of government healthcare (with some good links).

And of course there is no such thing as a "sex change". You can't change your sex, anymore than you can turn yourself into a cat or a dog by surgery (another topic, but touched on briefly at the end of his post).

MEANWHILE, for Gentle Reader's edification and/or education, here are a number of recent new items illustrating what *really* goes on under systems of socialized medicine ...-Ilíon, do you see what's happening here?

Bonus post from Ilíon on life expectancy comparisons between countries:

The US ranks 26th for life expectancy, right behind Slovenia

The left [is] using this to bash American health care while avoiding the daily inner city crime contributions

"Life expectancy" rankings between polities using different metrics are inherently dishonest -- and the US uses a different set of metrics than European countries do (hint: ours is more honest, and lowers our "score" in comparison to theirs).-Fun with 'life expectancy' comparisons

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