Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Renowned Historian Jon Stewart and The Great and Powerful Oz

I'm just going to repost something from the LCR blog, because I don't have time to waste on the idiot Stewart right now. Suffice it to say, Judge Napolitano is one of the greatest defenders of liberty in American media, opposing everything from the drug war, to the NSA spying on us, disgusting TSA humiliation of airline passengers, to the emerging American police state and militarization of "law" enforcement. To attack him IS to attack the real values of America and basic human rights. FUCK the poser Jon Stewart! He pretends to be on the side of you and me and against hypocrisy and ruling class evil, while all the while mocking freedom lovers and apologizing for the criminal regime in Washington, D.C.
Several emailers have written to inform me that Stewart did a small hit/smear job on Judge Napolitano on “The Daily Show” last night.  The “hit” was about how the Judge wrote in one of his publications that the U.S. probably could have ended slavery the same way that New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and all the other Northern states did, as well as the British empire, Spanish empire, the French, Danes, Dutch, Swedes, and others during the nineteenth century, namely, peacefully.  (See Jim Powell, Greatest Emancipations: How the West Ended Slavery; and Joanne Pope Melish, Disowning Slavery: Gradual Emancipation and Race in New England, 1780-1860).   No, no, said Stewart and pals, 750,000 dead Americans , more than double that number maimed for life, and the total destruction of the voluntary union of the founders was the only way to go.  Southerners, six percent of whom owned slaves, “were willing to die to preserve slavery” announced the renowned historian Jon Stewart.  The Great Oz (er, I mean, The Great Abe) did what was necessary said the great historical sage and his cast of clowns.-Thomas DiLorenzo: Jon Stewart is Very, Very Afraid

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  1. And of course all the federal power-grab things mentioned were made possible by Lincoln's War of Northern Aggression and consequent consolidation of power in Washington. Jon Stewart and his gang of lying idiots are a disgrace to and a slap in the face of, every pro-liberty person on earth!


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