Monday, February 10, 2014

What on Earth!

This animated short proposes what many earthlings have long feared -- that the automobile has inherited the planet. When life on Earth is portrayed as one long, unending conga-line of cars, a crew of extra-terrestrial visitors understandably assume they are the dominant race. While humans, on the other hand, are merely parasites.-

What on Earth! (French: La Terre est habitée!) is a 1966 National Film Board of Canada animated short co-directed by Les Drew and Kaj Pindal, which takes a humorous look at car culture from the point of view of fictional Martians, who mistake automobiles for Earth's true inhabitants and people as their parasites. The film is a mockumentary, introduced in its opening credits as produced by the "National Film Board of Mars."-What on Earth!

Periodically my dad would proclaim cars a plague and express his wish that he had a Star Trek phaser so he could go around disintegrating them. He would usually express this while driving a car himself, however.

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