Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big King Gets Bigger

No, I'm not talking about that creepy, giant-headed, very weird "King" mascot. Burger King rightly got rid of that horror a few years ago (though it was still way too late). So, no, this isn't meant to scare the shit out of you (anyone else have nightmares and refuse to eat at a Burger King until that monster was gone?)

Well, no worries, that's all in the past (and whatever ad agency that was responsible for those disturbing commercials should NEVER work for a fast food company again). I'm here today to cheer you up. So get happy, because Burger King is making their Big Mac impersonator bigger, that's right, BIGGER!

The two beef patties in the mock Big Mac will now equal a quarter pound.

All I can say is, it's gotta be an improvement, because on New Year's Eve I took a walk up to a local drug store to purchase some chocolate and other non-essentials (well, chocolate actually is an essential) and on my way back, though I had vowed to stay within my small budget on this walk (aborting a trip to the dollar store that was to follow my drug store visit) there is a Burger King right next to the drug store that was beckoning to me. So, I went inside, lured partly by the poster in the window that advertised a two for $5 deal that included the Big King. That's when my fake "Big Mac attack" (fake because these weren't actual Big Macs we were talking) took control and I ordered two Big Kings to go. I ate one immediately upon returning home, and decided to save the other one for later.

Later turned out to be the next day, but as the microwave wasn't working, I had no convenient way to heat up my second Big King. I ate it cold. It was an unpleasant experience, not even close to eating cold pizza or chicken. But even hot, the Big King did not compare, in my opinion, to the Big Mac, starting with the fact that it didn't come in a little cardboard box, and did not stack up to what I'd come to expect in a two beef patties sandwich.

Let's hope Burger King's move to add beef to its ripoff burger makes it less of a ripoff.

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