Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Night Music Break: Eve Of Destruction

I saw Barry McGuire perform live several times. This was years after he became a born again Christian in 1971, but still during the height of the 1970s born again Christian explosion. My father converted during what my Mom called a "Jesus trip". The divorce happened shortly thereafter.

I saw McGuire in church. He was always entertaining and even though I was no fan of church in those early days of my dad's Christianity, I liked the Barry McGuire Sunday evening services we went to. He never sang "Eve of Destruction" in church, repudiating his heathen past, but the voice is unmistakable upon listening to it once more.

The "depressing" Destruction was answered by the horrible (but hit) "Dawn of Correction" by The Spokesman, labeled by someone as "the patriotic answer song to Barry McGuire's communistic-protesting diatribe"

And, once again, Eve Of Destruction , performed live by Barry McGuire this time:

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