Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Making Beer and Wine Question

My first harvest season with The Beverage People was wine, wine, and more wine. Beer came up only rarely and then Byron or Nancy handled it. About the end of October, we suddenly entered beer season. Faced with the question “is beer harder to make than wine?” it seemed high time for me to find out.

Is Beer Harder to Make than Wine?

My dad used to help his dad (my grandfather) make beer. No wait, that was root beer. Oh, I know, he helped him make dandelion wine. No, wait, that was Ray Bradbury. Oh, hell, my grandparents on my father's side were teetotalers. It was my mom's parents who were drunks, and they didn't bother making their own alcoholic beverages, they were too busy getting drunk. h/t to T.C.

Note: I would have titled this post using the simpler "Making Beer and Wine", but T.C. already used it.

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