Saturday, February 15, 2014

Probably Light Posting Until I Feel Better

I'm not feeling well. Stomach cramps and diarrhea. I WANT to work here on my hobby (just call this my hobby blog) but in this condition it's all I can do to remain on the couch and do a little reading or TV watching. I'm going to take it easy if I can. I wish I had some ginger ale. The best tasting is Hansen's made with cane sugar, but I'll probably have to settle for Canada Dry's HFCS crap if I can manage to get to the store later today. In the meantime I've made myself some mint tea, which seems to help a little.

So, I may post a few videos today, but if you see me going crazy here you'll know I'm feeling better. Feeling a lot better this morning than I did last night anyway.

Also, I need to buy toothpaste (though the bare brush and water most likely works just as good at cleaning teeth). Good thing I can't eat any solid food. No dirty teeth to brush.

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