Saturday, February 1, 2014

Saturday Night Music Break: Magic Music/Music Magic

1974/75, Deerfield Beach, Florida. My hand held transistor radio went with me everywhere, and I became addicted to top 40. My mom's husband Ray didn't always like it. I would take it in the car with me and play it while we drove, and he would sometimes have a fit over it, asking me (telling me) to shut it off. I argued with him, because I knew he liked music; he carried with him through life a case of 45s and a tiny record player to listen to them. That case contained all his favorite songs, and perhaps that was his problem; he was stuck in the musical past. Magic by Pilot was a rotating track on my radio back then.

1976/77, near Spokane, Washington. Junior High, music playing over the speakers in the cafeteria, which was open to the rest of the school, which was all enclosed, with an open floor plan, so wherever you went, you were likely to hear the music always playing. Magic Man by Heart played many times, along with too much Bee Gees.

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