Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quote of the Evening: The State is the Real Enemy. Try to Remember.

As the saying goes, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you. Libertarians have now reached stage two, and the MSM are on the warpath to discredit them along the usual lines -- you know, they are racists, religious nuts, misogynists, conspiracy theorists, dope addicts, diet crazies, sociopaths, health quacks, red-necked yokels, and people with bad manners.

It is unfortunate that so many libertarians are using this occasion to blame and attack one another in connection with this bad press. I am appalled by how many libertarians harbor vitriolic hatred for other libertarians and by the sanctimony that is so much in evidence in their declarations of fratricide.

Really, fellow libertarian of any stripe whatsoever, do you honestly believe that your particular libertarian sect does not harbor embarrassing members of its own? Get a grip. And, for [heaven]'s sake, give up your illusions of grandeur. Some of you are getting, as my father would have said, much too big for your britches. (I would add, you know who you are, but I fear that many of you really do not know.)

P.S. The state is the real enemy. Try to remember.

-- Robert Higgs

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