Saturday, February 1, 2014

If It Only Saves One Life - Applying Gun Control Logic to Staircases

Here is a radical thought, “no one needs stairs”. Heresy? Not really, clearly I am not serious when I say we should ban stairs, but let us examine it with gun control logic. Why do you think you need stairs? Well, to get to the second or higher floor of a building for one thing. Really? Man, elevators have been safer than stairs since 1852 when the cable brake was invented by Elisha Otis. So we just need to ban stairs (except for emergency use and their use by trained professionals, of course) and we will save over 13,000 lives in only 10 years, not to mention prevent over 10,000,000 hospital visits.

Not practical? Now hold on this is gun grabber logic where the government has a fleet of magic unicorns that fart rainbows and solve problem with things called regulations, laws, congressional committees, building codes and “government oversight” not to mention taxing the evil rich!

Let’s start with what we can all agree on, the madness must stop. So, at a minimum, we have to ban the building of any new stairs for general use. All new constructions will have stairs only for emergency evacuations, there will be licensed trained professionals that can use them for other needs and who will direct us untrained types down them if necessary. That is right, if you need to use your stairs dial 911 and professionals will come to your aid.- If It Saves Only One Life Gun Logic Applied to Staircases

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Hey, why not ban stairs? It's right in line with the "liberal" nanny police state ban mentality. They're already banning doorknobs:

In a move to make housing more universally accessible, the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has banned doorknobs in private homes and apartment buildings. Starting in March 2014, the doors of new buildings will be equipped instead with more ergonomically friendly, easier-to-use lever handles, the Vancouver Sun reports.-Vancouver Bans Doorknobs

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