Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Ayn Rand

"Don’t bother to question a fallacy, ask yourself only what it accomplishes."-Ayn Rand

One of today’s fashionable anti-concepts is “polarization.” Its meaning is not very clear, except that it is something bad—undesirable, socially destructive, evil—something that would split the country into irreconcilable camps and conflicts. It is used mainly in political issues and serves as a kind of “argument from intimidation”: it replaces a discussion of the merits (the truth or falsehood) of a given idea by the menacing accusation that such an idea would “polarize” the country—which is supposed to make one’s opponents retreat, protesting that they didn’t mean it.-Ayn Rand, “Anti-Concepts”

Ayn Rand Interviewed by Mike Wallace 1959

Ayn Rand Interviewed by Phil Donahue 1979

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