Saturday, February 8, 2014

Down or Maybe it's the Weather

The weather has been a bit cold and gloomy lately. Has it got me down? I would ordinarily say no, as I usually prefer clouds and rain, but I've been depressed this week. My mood has kept me from blogging as I want to, because the revival of SE has been a top priority for me. So, is it the weather, or is my melancholy simply a return to my natural state (I've always been a person who, like Mark Twain, hated life). I don't know, but perhaps this blog will help pull me out of my depressive state. One needs some point or purpose to keep interested in life, or at least a few distractions, because ultimately life sucks, but we can get through it to the end with our illusions, if we try. I'm trying.

Food and drink will ruin my health, so instead of turning to gluttony and drunkenness, I'll have to blog to maintain my sanity. I hope you'll join me here for the ride, but if you say life is worth it, you can go to hell.

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