Sunday, February 9, 2014

Double Standards on Force

Laws are enforced. Laws are not suggestions. If you support a law without a viable means to opt out, you're saying "I want you to do and / or pay for X, or you should be thrown into a cage, and if you resist that, shot".

And people who do this then have the GALL to get all offended when you say they should be killed? When you lie to the gov't, that's perjury and a super-cereal offense. But when the gov't lies to you - no consequence. The Boston bombing - TERRORIST ATTACK. US military bombings around the world - collateral damage.-

When you say "I support universal healthcare", what you're really saying is "I support this system being forced onto you and you have to do everything in the system, you have to pay for all the things and you have to be restricted in the ways that the system dictates, or, thrown into a cage where you'll probably get raped, and if you resist that, death".

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