Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are the Redskins Racist?

Jesse Ventura answers yes. Ventura has always been independent, not easily classified as to political opinions. His stand on this issue certainly comes out of a position not generally supported by right-wing conservatives, i.e., acknowledgement of the crimes committed by the U.S. government against native Americans:

If you recall something called “The Trail of Tears” – where Native Americans were forced out of their homes in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee because the white settlers and the United States government wanted that land to grow crops and cotton fields?

In 1830, tens of thousands of Native Americans walked from the southern states to Oklahoma without supplies. The United States Army gave them blankets from a small pox hospital in the hopes that the entire race would die off before they reached the land designated as “Indian Country.” People, that’s the definition of genocide. (By the way, that special designated land for this minority group was long gone – taken from them again – by the time Oklahoma applied for statehood in 1907.)-Racism in the NFL

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