Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of Brothels, Banks, and Mitt Romney

What happens when a brothel madam and a bank meet?  Why, they work together of course:

The DA’s unit on official corruption, which usually investigates crooked cops and dirty public officials, brought the potentially explosive investigation to an end while Gristina was meeting with a partner — who worked at investment banking firm Morgan Stanley — and discussing expanding her business.

The sad part?  No mention of the business partner being arrested and charged.

While not all that significant on its own, consider that Elliot Spitzer, the disgraced former New York Attorney General, was investigating the banks when he was exposed as a high-rolling client.  As a result, the corruption of the big banks has gone largely unearthed, although there are plenty of hints going on out there.

I’m just speculating, of course.  I mean, Morgan Stanley could not have known what every employee was doing, although I am certain that this partner had a hand in getting the rich, influential clientele to go to her brothel, which means that he was in the higher echelons of the mega-firm.

On an unrelated note, Republican Presidential candidate’s top third donor happens to be Morgan Stanley:

Goldman Sachs

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Morgan Stanley

Credit Suisse Group

Citigroup Inc

Bank of America

In fact, his top five donors have been big banks.  No wonder he supports TARP for banks but not for the Auto industry.

I wonder if Mitt Romney was one of those high-profile clients.  He had to be busy during the those years when he wasn’t running for President, after all.  I guess we will never know, but my advice to this “Gristina” is to produce a full list of all clients immediately to all news outlets and post it on wikileaks and wikipedia as soon as possible.  Otherwise, she might end up like the DC Madam.

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