Sunday, March 11, 2012

17 Year Old Murdered By Vigilante

I keep reading from ignorant, know-nothing gun nuts how we all need to be armed, but that hasn’t been my experience here in reality (maybe I just haven’t been watching enough action movies).

Case in point, 26 year old George Zimmerman decided he didn’t like the look of a black teenager walking through his gated community, so he shot him. With no crime committed besides walking-while-black, Zimmerman took it upon himself to end a young man’s life because… and that’s where I don’t have an answer.

Oh sure, Zimmerman is the head of his local Neighborhood Watch, which I guess licenses him to make life-or-death judgment calls. I’m sure he was just “protecting” himself from such a vicious 17 year old boy on his way home from buying candy at a convenience store.

That’s the victim, Trayvon Martin. Truly menacing…

Why couldn’t Zimmerman just call the police, like any sane person? Well, he did, and he was told that police were on the way… and to stop following the boy. He didn’t, ended up engaging Trayvon in conversation, and at some point murdered him in cold blood.

And if that isn’t bad enough, the police didn’t do the right thing when they arrived, either. They didn’t run a background check on Zimmerman, whose violent past would have been revealed, like when he was arrested for battery and resistance.

When police arrived, rather than arresting the killer, they let Zimmerman go, presumably because they have more important things to do than arrest adults who shoot kids. I mean, this is Florida, after all. There’s bound to be some cocaine somewhere that needs confiscating.

There’s nothing quite as disturbing or disgusting as street justice.


  1. People can abuse guns just like they can cars. Reckless drivers, drunks and so forth, so, should people not own cars? Your argument is plain stupid.

  2. You clearly don't even know what my argument is. I would love for you to own a gun, just be a good little moron and kill yourself with it, not other people.

    1. What the hell IS your incoherent "argument"?

    2. Oh I see... if I'm not saying everyone should be armed or that all guns should be confiscated, I'm incoherent.

      I remember why I stopped posting here...

    3. Bret, I also don't think EVERYONE should be armed, or that guns should be confiscated, so on that we agree. But I still don't know what exactly you advocate. That some people should own guns, or only that they should remain legal but only an idiot would have one?

      Honestly, you haven't made it clear what you mean. Maybe you're like Ron Paul on drug legalization. He thinks drugs should be legal but also doesn't think people should use drugs.

      I remember why I stopped posting here...

      Because you can dish it out but can't take it? Oh, no, it's because no one actually reads or responds to what you wrote, right? Exactly how I feel sometimes when you comment on my posts.


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