Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rep. Loretta Sanchez: Republican Friends Admit To Holding Economy Hostage To Defeat Obama


  1. Because we can always trust a Democrat to tell the truth about her opposing party's actions.

    Seriously, the government cannot grow the economy even if it spent all the money we had.

  2. I guess she's not a sweaty, overweight blowhard on a radio station... only someone who actually talks to the people involved. What would she know?

  3. Perhaps the republicans want to get rid of Obama in order to install their own Obama (Herman Cain) at the White House....

  4. I think we can all admit Cain has no chance. I don't even care what happens to Obama; what I find irritating is that Republicans are screwing over the country for political reasons.

    What's odd is that in 2012, when Romney faces Obama, I think the two candidates will be more similar than they have ever been in my lifetime (I think the next closest was Bush/Clinton in 1992).


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