Sunday, November 13, 2011

More rain than I expected (I didn't expect any at all)

I love the rain. I know it depresses some people. It's partly the winter months, with less sunlight (I don't say shorter days anymore; the days are still 24 hours) and more darkness, which is why light therapy helps many to maintain a normal mental state at this time of year. But, other than driving in it, which I don't enjoy (very fewer people seem to know how to drive in the rain, thus making the prospect of sharing the road during a downpour with the idiot driving public rather frightening) I like it.

A great deal of that has to do with just listening to the sound of the rain as it falls, especially at night or in bed. At this moment, as I type, I'm listening to rain outside my window. I like the sound so much that I have some recordings of the rain that I sometimes listen to while going to sleep.

The reason I say in the title that I did not expect rain is that I'm actually out in the desert today, and we don't get much rain here. Even when it does rain, it's not much, and doesn't last more than minutes most of the time. Today and yesterday, however, it's been coming down for hours.

So, I thought I would present some rain sounds for you.


And here's a longer, 90 minute rain audio for going to sleep with.

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