Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mitt Romney: blood-thirsty narcissist and wannabe child-murderer

No Republican debate was more terrifying than the last one, in which the candidates gave their opinions on foreign policy. Virtually all of the candidates supported torture, invading Iran, gratuitous threats to other countries, and eradicating anyone who objects to our evil government.

The candidates are all loons, but the worst is Mitt Romney because he will surely be the nominee. Rick Perry isn't a smooth-enough talker to keep a smiley face on the fascist machine, Cain is laughable, and none of the rest have a chance at being president. The elite have chosen Romney because he puts a "reasonable" face on the grotesque policies they seek to impose.

Romney wants the US to label China a "currency manipulator" (he doesn't see the irony, of course) and impose tariffs on their products to protect inefficient and idiotic American industries. The fact that China is holding all our government's debt is beyond him. The fact that this could lead us down the path to a nuclear war with a superpower is beyond him.

Romney is a hubris-filled lunatic with no grasp of reality. And he's exactly the kind of blood-thirsty egomaniac state power attracts.

God help us.

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