Sunday, November 20, 2011

Information Is Power

I don’t believe in censorship. In fact, I think problems are better solved with more information, not less. With that in mind, here is the personal information of officer Lieutenant John Pike, who pepper sprayed students at UC Davis this past week. Rather than just rant about it online, why don’t you let him know how you feel, personally?

Lt. John Pike
Records Unit Manager
Phone: 530-752-3989
Cell: 530-979-0184
Skype: japike3
Home Address: 4005 Cowell Blvd., Apt. 616, Davis, CA 95618-6017

Bellow, you can see John dusting a group of peaceful protesters with pepper spray.


  1. Bret, what did you write to Mr. Pike? Just curious!

  2. Thanks for pepper-spraying those people.

  3. What? I think it's great when someone breathes new life into a dying movement by violently attacking them.


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