Saturday, November 5, 2011

Are You Ready For Liberty?

According to George Donnelly, probably not...

You say you want liberty. You complain about police, tickets, regulations, rules, abuses, corruption, politicians and bankers. You know the problem forwards and backwards. You’re an expert on the Federal Reserve. You’ve studied at Mises U. You’ve read Rothbard and watched Molyneux. People even go out of their way to read your critiques and respond to your rants. You talk about the presidential candidates with an air of expertise. You speak about anarcho-capitalism with confidence. You know who will build the roads in a stateless society and who will take care of whom. You believe in freedom.

But you’re not ready for liberty. You want the government to back off or just go away. But you haven’t stepped up your game to fill in the territory you want the state to abandon. How do you expect a (r)evolution to happen if you won’t lift a finger to to build it?

You want to end welfare. But what have you built to replace it?

You want food safety regulations to go away. But how many food safety watchdog organizations have you founded?

You want people to trust in freedom and each other. What have you done to build trust with your next door neighbors?

You want to end the wars. What have you done to build understanding among different cultures and nations?

You want liberty. But you’re not ready for it. You expect a (r)evolution to “happen” any day. You dream of collapse, the fall of the dollar, the destruction of the consumer society. But what have you done to prepare their replacements? Freedom does not just happen. It requires diligent, sustained intelligent work to build the organs of a free society.

Don’t aimlessly pine for collapse. Find the strength inside yourself to build the future. Start now. Be diligent. Stick with it. It takes a long time and a lot of tears to build a new society. Failure to act? Maybe you don’t really believe what you say you believe.

-You’re Not Ready for Liberty

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