Monday, June 7, 2010

The Usury States of America

The filthy dirty bankster criminals (beloved of fake anarchist Roger Young) are nothing but loan sharks. Some things have changed a little since the passage of the new credit card law, but there is still no cap on credit card interest rates.

The Mystery of Banking

The irony in Prof. Warren's statist advocacy of government intervention to solve this kind of criminal behavior is that none of it would exist or be possible at the level it now is without the state. As in all large "capitalist" enterprises, such exploitation occurs only with the backing and support of government.

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  1. I'm curious... in what way is the state hiking up credit card rates? That seems like something credit card companies do because they are legally able to, just as banks were found the loopholes that enabled them to hike up mortgage rates. The private institutions will exploit people until government regulation stops them.

    All our angry words and cries of "usury" mean nothing without legitimate legal backing. Complaining about the banks while denouncing government's role as regulator results in nothing but a bunch of criticism and no plan to solve it.


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