Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Move to North Korea, Statists!

In North Korea, people believe that the job of the state is to take care of people. Isn’t that what American liberals and conservatives also believe? Isn’t that what Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, unemployment compensation, welfare, education grants, food stamps, corporate subsidies, minimum-wage laws, public housing, bank bailouts, foreign aid, and all the other welfare-state programs are about?

Why Don’t American Statists Move to North Korea?

It's also a good place for all the global warming fanatics:


  1. I'd sure as hell rather live in Somalia than North Korea!

  2. Life expectancy:

    North Korea: 67.2 (2008)
    Somalia: 49.8 (2008)

    Not saying I would want to live in North Korea, but it's fair to say it's safer to live in a crazy dictatorship than in anarchy. I think it's worth noting you don't have to live in extremes...

  3. I don't know what your point is, Ginx. North Korea is undoubtedly the most totalitarian regime on the planet, and you can't put a price on freedom. Are you saying that if forced to choose, you would pick Kim Jong-il's Communist paradise over Somalia?

    In the 1960's it was safer in terms of street crime (your version of "anarchy") in Moscow that it was in crime plagued New York City, yet I doubt you would have prefered the former over the latter.

    Oh, and Mussolini "made the trains run on time".

  4. And all of those are better than dying twenty years sooner while living in abject poverty. I don't understand why you presented me with only bad examples of government as my choices, especially when there are dozens of highly fuctional nations out there. I suspect it's to draw attention away from the total absence of an anarchy that isn't atrocious.

    Would I rather live in North Korea than Somalia? Fuck yeah I would. What's so free about having more guns than food? People in Somalia are miserable to a much greater degree than people in North Korea, which is saying a lot considering North Korea is itself abominable.

    I'd rather be in Norway, Belgium, Finland, or Luxembourg than North Korea.

  5. Food shortages and hunger if not outright starvation are always looming in North Korea, so again, what are you talking about?

  6. Somalia is in the shitter because they have no government. North Korea is in the shitter because no one will trade with them and their leader is an overbearing asshole. You're still better off in North Korea, but it's like the difference between being decapitated and being castrated; I wouldn't prefer either to what I got now.


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