Monday, June 7, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and other spiders

What do you call two young married spiders?

Newly webs.

This big dude walks into a bar with a little spider on his shoulder, and as soon as one of the dudes in there spots it, he tells his friends and they all laugh.

The man says "Laugh while you can, 'cos this spider is stronger than any of you."

The man making fun replies, "I'd like to see that!"

"Fine, my spider will pick up this bar stool." He sets the spider on the floor and the spider easily picks it up.

"That's nothing!" shouts the other man.

"Wait, there's more", says the man with the spider. "Now the spider will pick up a table," and the spider easily picks up one of the tables.

The men try hard to not look like any of this is impressing them.

"Gentlemen, I can see that you're not quite convinced of how remarkably strong this little arachnid is, so watch. Now the spider will pick up the bar itself!"

The spider spits on his hands, rubs them together and makes a great effort, but it picks up the bar with barely an effort.

One of the men, looking a little more impressed asks "What else can it do?"

The man considers this for a moment, then says "Now, it will pick up the bar with everyone of us on it!"

Thinking this is impossible, all the men start to get on the bar until there's like 40 guys on it.

The spider looks worried but starts walking towards the bar with an air of determination. Suddenly, a man enters and sees the spider on the floor moving towards the bar. He rushes toward it and stomps on it.

"You bunch of sissies," he says. "Scared of a little spider!"

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