Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog of the Moment: The UsuryFree Eye Opener

Usuryfree creatives reject usury and the NWO (New World Order). What is usury? Usury is the correct word to define 'interest on debt' as exacted by the creditor (the bank) on the debtor (the borrower). Usury is a scourge. It is never created and put into circulation by the banking institutions BUT it is exacted as a regular payment (usually monthly). The function of usury is to directly legalize plunder by the banks. If the debtor cannot pay both the principal and the usury portion of any loan or mortgage that bank has the power to steal the wealth from we-the-people. This action is absolutely immoral and it must be stopped. The control of the usury machinery by the banking syndicate will be stopped in this 21st Century when enough people are awakened to the greatest scam of the 20th Century.

The UsuryFree Eye Opener


  1. I think this is a gross over simplification. You know I'm no fan of banks or the outrageous usury they charge, but usury is technically a defined legal term in the US. Lending at interest is an important function of banks, and legally it is not usury if the interest rate is not above a certain point.

    About the only people I have ever met who oppose all forms of interest as usury are religious nuts who have little grasp on the realities of the financial world. Usury is defined as a sin in the Bible, so they see no problem in outright opposing it in all its forms.

    Ask Middle Ages Europe how well things work out without lending at interest. Banking systems were abolished among the Christian population, and there were points when only non-Christians were loaning money in Europe. Sometimes when a group acquired wealth, they would loan money, often to the papacy to build cathedrals or raise armies. The Pope then would refuse to pay it off, declare the lenders heretics, and kill them (the Knights Templar are a famous example, and several Jewish persecutions were spurred by this).

    Not much gets done in a society where people are afraid to lend money, and outlawing interest provides zero incentive for lending. Instead, there needs to be [preparing to be ignored...] regulations on lending, which can prevent the predatory practices of lenders.

  2. Ginx, WTF?

    You know I'm no fan of banks or the outrageous usury they charge, but usury is technically a defined legal term in the US. Lending at interest is an important function of banks, and legally it is not usury if the interest rate is not above a certain point.

    So, you are against their usury, but it's not usury because it's legal???

    Obviously the rates the criminal banksters are charging their victims is not above that "certain point", so you can't call it usury, yet you did!

    However, I could give a damn about state-capitalist "laws". It IS usury (you were right the first time) and usury destroys freedom by concentrating wealth and impoverishing the masses.

  3. Concrentration of wealth occurs much more quickly if those who have money have no incentive to lend it.

    Usury has a specific legal definition. Usury laws vary state to state, but they put a limit on how much interest can be charged on a loan.

    Credit card companies commit the "sin of usury" (as it were) far more than banks do, as banks tend to loan at much lower interest rates. The inordinate fees and charges are often not legally considered part of this limit, though I think they ought to be.

    Again, I understand the sentiment of this post, but I find it to be an emotional reaction not rooted in reality or necessity. It is akin socialists who believe the very idea of private property is wrong or anarchists who believe all government is wrong (who could be so short sighted...).

    A case of abuse does not constitute condemnation of an entire system. Explain to me how large projects can be funded without banks and lending at interest, and maybe I'll jump on board.

  4. I didn't really clear it up, but let me try to explain the confused over the use of the word usury.

    Usury can mean one of two things. It can mean lending at any interest (as seemingly defined here) and it can mean lending at high interest (it's definition for legal purposes). The reason there are these two definitions is because opposition to all lending at any interest level is... well... completely retarded. When you have a name for something completely useless, it tends to morph over time. While lending at interest is not itself a bad thing, but lending at high interest is, the criminal definition took on the added caveat that the interest rate must be high in order to be considered wrong.

  5. Just abolish the Federal Reserve and get the state out of banking, that's the real problem. The banks are not free market enterprises.

  6. Yeah! Let banks do whatever they want! That will solve usury!

    I'm getting some seriously mixed messages...

  7. explains how usury creates a mort-gage death-gamble knocking borrowers into foreclosure and explains how to end it.


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