Saturday, June 5, 2010

Be Nice to Rice

Some videos on the Dr Masaru Emoto rice experiment.

The following debunking claims bacteria are introduced due to non-sterile jars and the fact that some of the cooked rice may be taken from the top of the pan (where it was exposed to airborne bacteria) and some from the bottom (where it was free from exposure to bacteria from the air).

However, in the following video, it seems that the "positive words" rice jar was filled with rice from the top, while the "negative words" jar was filled with rice underneath the top layer. Yet it is still the "negative" jar that spoils. It could still be that the second negative thoughts jar was contaminated with bacteria, but why does every video on YouTube end with the negative jar rotting? Does the "negative thoughts" container used by each experimenter coincidentally contain more bacteria than the "positive thoughts" container they used?

Masaru Emoto Interview

The Healing Power of Water

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