Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Why I Was Wrong About Atheism

Stefan Molyneux says good things about Trump and now this! There is a God!

His main theme is that the vast majority of atheists are political leftists, which contradicts their arguments (or many of them) against God and religion. The "magic wand", "Sky Daddy" etc, that fools believe is how God is defined matches their own belief in the power of the state and Big Daddy Government's magic wand of just passing another law and taxing everyone more. Stefan is not, unfortunately, renouncing his own atheism, but there's always hope. He at least says he would prefer more religion and less government than the opposite, and acknowledges that deaths caused by religion pale in comparison to the murders committed by the state.


  1. Oh I didn't realise you weren't an atheist anymore lol, thought your references to God in other posts were ironic.

    Been away from this blog for years, may I ask what happened to the other contributors? Used to be some hilarious 'bantz' (if that word even existed) back around 2010-11.

  2. I'm never quite sure what I am, to be honest, but nevertheless, my views have changed over the years.

    Glad to have you back, and sorry things are as lively as the once were. That was probably the high point of this blog, starting about when Cork joined in the middle of 2009 and running to the middle of 2011. A good run for those couple years. the blog was more fun them.

    As for the others, they all slowly drifted away and stopped posting. Bret (Ginx) hung around a while longer but stopped posting regularly in about 2012. He's the only one I still have contact with (through Facebook). You can check him out there for some of the good old times.

  3. Damn typos, please read around them.

  4. Talk about synchronicity! Earlier today, I had semi-listened (*) to that very video, and from that one I skimmed the first few minutes of a couple others where he touched on atheism.

    (*) this really isn't something about which I can "multi-task"


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