Friday, April 29, 2016

Do You Have Doubts?

It's up to God now. Being I'm young, God knows I have much to do to on earth. When I converted to Christianity, It was because of a near death experience. My case was verified and one of 8 million documented cases who reported the same exact phenomenon. It forever changed my life. What I'm about to tell you (and you can call me a liar all you want.) But I know what I saw...and that's Christ and God themselves. Heaven, just like you hear about is so amazing, one can't describe in words. I didn't wanna go back! It was that moving. God told me: "I knew you could do it. I have been trying to get your attention for years. I'm proud of you. It's just not your time. I am giving you the gift of knowledge." What God meant by that was, the bible. What confirmed my case was my ability to demonstrate each and every part of the bible from front to back. It's not possible they said.. They were amazed how i can recite each and every verse and book. I never did before this, even knew anything of, or about the Bible... let alone picking one up to read. If you ever had any doubt, or your scared thinking that there's no heaven or God, let me be the first to tell you that there IS a God and there IS a Heaven.

The above was written by a young Japanese women living in America (I believe she recently became a naturalized citizen). She went in for surgery in just the past week for a double kidney transplant. I know her from Facebook friendship only, but she has inspired me many times over with her bravery, perseverance and hopefulness. The updates from her boyfriend weren't good, however. At first she seemed to be recovering very slowly, but now it appears she has succumbed to her illness. He hasn't announced anything further, but she may have passed away. She knew it was a possibly, the doctors told her she had a 50% chance of dying during the surgery itself. I post her words here to anyone who might find them helpful or thought-provoking. God bless her, and may we meet someday in person in the Celestial Emerald City.

One additional note. She stated in one comment that some atheists ridiculed her online and made fun of her NDE and belief in the afterlife, even though they knew how sick and close to death she was. She called them cruel, and she was right. What is it about atheists that they seem to take pleasure in trying to remove hope from people's lives? It is one thing if they believe religion is harmful to society, but to hate on a dying person and tell them, sorry, when you're dead you're dead? How sick is that?

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