Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Bright Side

I like this video, but it got some negative response because of the ending. Is the criticism just PC bull or does it have a valid point? One example from a Facebook comment below:

I knew this was going to end up with a person in a wheelchair. As if a person in a wheelchair is the bottom of the barrel where there's nothing to be grateful for. This is still comparing like, "at least I'm not like that guy." It's engrained in society to think of people with disabilities as "less than." Just be grateful for whatever, wherever, etc...


  1. Reckon if you could offer people in wheelchairs the ability to walk, 99% would say yes, so it is a fair point made by the video. However, it could be seen as harsh and teasing them about it. Obviously the video touched a nerve. Could just as easily have ended with a homeless guy jealous of not having nice clothes or something.

    What I want to know is, where are the angry pedestrians? "Screw you, I don't own a car but I can still go where I want. People who don't have cars can still enjoy rich and varied lives, we're not jealous at all"

  2. My mother certainly would have said "Yes" to being able to walk.


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