Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Crazy Cruz Zombies

We have all heard Lyin', Whining Donald and his Zombie followers allege that the primary system is unfair as everyone's vote should count. What they do not tell you is that in Texas which Cruz won, Cruz got more that twice the number of votes than Trump got in New York....and yet Trump gets far more delegates for the NY win than Cruz did for his win in Texas.

Yes the system is unfair and corrupt as it is designed to allow major liberal states like NY to have more power than southern states like Texas or other fly over states like Wisconsin.

All true blooded Americans should oppose this system and Trump's attempt to steal the election. - Crazy Cruz Supporter

No irony or sarcasm in the above, the loon actually believes what he writes about Trump. It's Trump who is "stealing" the election, never mind his overwhelming support in the polls and election returns since he declared his candidacy.

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