Monday, April 18, 2016

Suicide Bingo (and Anti-suicide Cliches)

If you have a comment on suicide in general, or a specific response pro or con to any of the reasons given here for not committing suicide, please give them. I may write another post dealing with the typical anti-suicide cliches (doesn't mean they are wrong or that I am pro-suicide). "A permanent solution to a temporary problem" is pretty common. But of course, life itself is temporary and yet a permanent problem as long as you're alive. The afterlife is another question entirely, and may have some bearing on the issue as well, depending on how one perceives the probabilities.

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  1. Scientifically, that's where you are wrong. You are always alive. The function returns true as long as 1 is equal to one. There are multiple universes with identical copies of you running an identical life. When you commit suicide, you die in your original universe and continue living in a universe that supports a survival scenario, while the loved ones in your original universe mourn your death. But it's only a temporary solution, as it did nothing to help. You are still alive. You cannot experience your own death, just the death of others. It also makes you less happy when you kill yourself because there is a 100 % certain chance that it's another thing you stink at. It's like a chlorine trifluoride fire. It does.not.go.out. I laugh at people always rushing through life as if they all have to get it done in 80 years and having bad spiritual dogma and breeding cults to make lots of babies because they fear death which is certainly an impossible event. So suck it up. You have a 100% chance of not dying for the remaining lifespan of the multiverse.


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