Friday, April 22, 2016

Taxation Isn't Theft?

"Taxation isn't "theft", it's more like a yoke you have to carry depending on the geographical region you inhabit. Socialists don't understand the meaning of taxation or it's purposes. On the other hand, radical liberals don't seem to understand the bigger picture either.

Truth is, everybody wants shit for free. They want a judicial system to protect their privileges/rights but they don't want to fund it. They want to travel unmolested from Cali to NYC on decent highways but they don't want to pay a cent for the roads and the security. They want cheap shit from other countries but they don't wanna pay a dime for a navy to protect the ships carrying merchandise from one corner of the planet to the other from pirates and regimes that want to steal the merchandise and impose taxes and regulations on their movement on x or y zones.

I do agree that "social programs" are just a product of the accumulation of stupid ideas by dumb people. But that does not represent what taxes are for. The world is a bad place, and it costs money to protect your asses and your properties from the savages who want everything by force. Security apparatus' cost money and resources; specially on a large geographical scale.

To protect your national privileges with relaxed freedom of travel costs a lot of money too. To protect trade and commerce, to protect and maintain infrastructure (buried or aerial fiber optic, phone lines, power lines, sewer systems, water and gas pipelines, communication and utility satellites, antennas, radars, wireless networks, etc) COSTS MONEY."- via John Black

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