Sunday, June 14, 2015

Two Con Men Go Head to Head: Christopher Hitchens Debates Al Sharpton

Saw this years ago, ostensibly it's about God, but you could have fooled me, not much in the way of real argument on either side.

One thing I got from it, the fool Hitchens didn't like being "treated like a freak" in America. Well, then, he shouldn't have been a lying, drunken, God-denying freak. We also learn that Hitchens is full of hate and liked seeing the US military kill people, lots of them.


  1. I can just about stand trying to listen to Hitchens talk (by which I mean 'lie'), but Sharpton grates on me even more than Dawkins does.

    1. Yeah, Sharpton is hard to take. As for Hitchens, he was listenable to some degree, but the same tired bullshit over and over again out of his mouth, about a "celestial North Korea", and all his other sorry excuses for pretending not to believe in his creator, it makes you tune him out after a while.


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