Friday, June 12, 2015

Hello Trees?

Atheism is pathetic nonsense. But can you be "spiritual" and an atheist? Believe in life after bodily death and be an atheist? Talk to plants and be an atheist?

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My Talk With The Trees

Hello Trees! I said as I walked through the park. Hey you are very tall, some of you, much taller than me! I suppose that means I'm less significant than you and that the Universe was designed with trees in mind!

Oh well, I don't care! I can still chop you down, turn you into firewood, or build a house out of you, carve a bear, make a boat, sail away, and realize, out on the waves, that I'm more important than you, for you, trees, create nothing, and don't even think, as I do, for I have a mind, as does your creator. I still love ya, trees, but you don't know that. God does, and that's what matters.

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