Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hello, Minimum Wage Increase, Good-Bye, Jobs

No more long lines at the grocery store - the future of food shopping is getting a high-tech upgrade.

Des Moines, Iowa is planning to build a first-of-a kind robotic grocery store as an experiment to offer food and necessities to locals anytime at their convenience.-Robot grocery store gives high-tech upgrade to food shopping

The point is, it's possible to have fewer, or even no, retail employees. As more and more idiocy and illogical political left-wing woo (yeah, I'm throwing that term of derision back at the secularist materialists, most whom are political "liberals" who attack belief in the afterlife, intelligent design, existence of God, etc. as "woo-woo", while believing in the magic wand of the state, that can command wages to rise by fiat, not supply and demand; they believe in political creationism and see no irony in the fact that they hold to such superstitious nonsense in the face of the facts of reality) is implemented, the market will respond with ways to get rid of employees who simply aren't worth $15 an hour (or whatever the current arbitrary "living wage" advocated by economic ignoramuses happens to be).

As business is squeezed more and more by the lying politicians, jobs, especially jobs for low-skilled and inexperienced workers, will begin disappearing. It is only a matter of time.

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