Monday, June 8, 2015

"The Death of the Red Baron"

Richthofen's last flight - Cinematic Historical documentary (In game footage from the flight sim "Rise of Flight").

The story is as factual as I can make it. The only known historical inaccuracies are:

1. Mellersh does claim a Triplane shot down that day, but it was in fact Wolff, and he didn't "explode", but returned home and landed safely after spinning towards the ground under Mellersh's fire.

2. The two seaters depicted in game are not Albatros (as they should be) But DFW's, not represented in game (yet!) The story should really have RE8's too...

3. A few of the Jasta colours are incorrectly shown - they are "mixed and matched" to a degree to represent the "Flying Circus".

The rest is, as it should be, as far as possible, but comments, suggestions towards the much disputed legend of Richthofen's death are welcome! He was reported to have been pulled alive from the aircraft saying "Kaput".. But this seems unlikely due to the nature of his wound.-from the YouTube description here:

More in the "Rise of Flight" series here:

via Phils Phun

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