Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Too Much Good Stuff

Have to work on myself for a while. Cut out the bad food. Too much fast food and junk food, especially in the last few weeks since my dad died, due in part to bad advice from a Facebook friend, with whom I had shared the hard time I was having dealing with my dad's passing. His answer: "Eat". He said you should feed grief. So I drowned my sorrows in burgers and fries instead of vodka (well, there was some of that, too, but the food dominated). I had expected to drop pounds, as many do when suffering great grief, and believe I would have, but the advice took over my thinking, and I starting putting on more pounds. It wasn't all food, either, I began to drink a lot of soda, too.

So, now I must reverse the process, eat better, cut calories, cut out the soda, alcohol and junk from my diet, and finally lose weight for good. I also have to pay off my credit cards, and find a decent place to live (that last is hard with the cost of rent in my area). But I have to start somewhere, I've been running in place too long.

So sometimes the good stuff is really bad stuff, just as in life, we so often mistake what is harmful for something good. Try posting something negative about online pornography for example. Even amongst non-liberals, at least if they're male, you'll get lots of push back and proclamations of porno love. Sure, temptations are hard to resist, but so is junk food, but it's not impossible. We have free will, let's exercise it.

I've been spending a lot of time on Facebook lately. Sometimes my FB news feed is like am/pm. Too much good stuff. Things and stories I want to post about here at the blog, but then frustration sets in. I get overwhelmed.

Of course, I need to avoid the am pm "good stuff", it's one of things that is harming my health. I'm actually starting to look like the fat cartoon guy in this video:

If that's an actual am/pm commercial, I find it bizarre. I mean, were they promoting am/pm as the way to obesity? That becoming overweight from consuming all that "good stuff" is itself a good thing?

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