Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Reason US Fluoride Levels In Water Were Lowered

If all the fluoride in tap water supporters were and are right, why has the Federal government now lowered the levels allowed? I thought it wasn't harmful? Doesn't this act by the Feds prove that fluoridation opponents were right all along to be concerned about its health effects? Doesn't it also show that all the nasty ridicule heaped on fluoride doubters was unfair?


  1. "Doesn't it also show that all the nasty ridicule heaped on fluoride doubters was unfair?"


    But, on the other hand, this is the same (insane) government that is set on compelling its subjects to have dozens of little mercury bombs scattered around their homes. Perhaps next, it may require us to replace our cooking gear with lead products.

    The US government is insane. That it may do something one considers to be correct is an entirely random matter ... unless, of course, one is oneself insane.

  2. My father grew up in one of those places with naturally high level of floride in the water. It made his teeth permanently dingy-looking ... and made him almost immune to tooth decay. I don't know of anything else about him that one coule attribute to his years-long over-dosing on floride.

  3. Don't get me started on the INSANE incandescent light bulb ban!

  4. I prefer my fluoride in my toothpaste, just please keep it out of my water.


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