Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Catholic Priest: Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists

Very often atheists will ask for “evidence” for the existence of God, but I have never been able to ascertain from any of them what they mean by evidence. Do they want scientific evidence of the sort you produce in a laboratory? Archeological evidence? Documentary evidence? Historical evidence? Eyewitness evidence? Contemporary sociological evidence? Psychological evidence? Forensic evidence? I can provide all those kinds of evidence that points to the existence of God, but whenever one produces such evidence the atheist disputes the evidence. Interested in evidence? You tell me what kind of evidence you want and I’ll try to provide it. None have. Meh. Fuhgeddaboudit.-Twelve Reasons Why I Never Argue With Internet Atheists


  1. Yeah; I had noticed -- in the last millennium -- that the people who would always loudly proclaim that "there is no evidence for God" never could tell me what such evidence would look like, were there any. And, when I'd point out that someone who has just admitted that he'd not recognize "evidence for God" even if it bit him in the ass is surely in no position to proclaim that there is no "evidence for God", they'd gang up and "vote-down" my posts (which is to say, make them vanish once enough of then had done it)

  2. I don't know. Perhaps I'd begin with a question, like, "What evidence is there for your existence?"

    That usually opens up doors to, well, something.


    1. Bill, so glad to hear from you again! God bless you. My views have changed considerably since we last exchanged thoughts.


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