Sunday, May 3, 2015

Christianity or Islam, Has Europe (by embracing atheism and unbelief) Chosen Islam?

Christianity at least reflects Western values, Islam DOES not.

Let's look at Western Europe. There is no doubt that in many countries of that continent, Christianity, and indeed belief in God, is in serious trouble. (This is a temporary trend, and many atheists mistake it for some fort of inevitable triumph of non-belief.) But society is definitely and demonstrably not thriving. Quite the contrary - Europe is basically committing continental suicide. To use your own words, it is "struggling and dying off". Many ethnographic projections suggest that within a generation or two, what has historically been considered "Europe" may indeed disappear, to be replaced with something more resembling the contemporary Middle East. Now isn't that a lovely thought! Yet another continent full of Syrias, Egypts, and Iraqs.

So yes, the fashionable atheism of contemporary Western Europe is very much "a threat to social well-being". What we would call a Clear and Present Danger.-Comment by B. Prokop

Christians (or at least theists of some sort) would defend Western culture against Islamic insanity. Richard Dawkins style atheism cannot and will not. Goodbye Europe, and so long atheism!


  1. "Christianity at least reflects Western values ..."

    Actually, it's the other way around. What are called "Western values" is a pale reflection, a de-sacrilizaiton, of Christian ideals and morality.

    So, yes, by rejecting Christianity -- by rejecting the very foundation of Western Civilization -- the European nations have chosen Something Else. And, since atheism is a Nothing with respect to furnishing the underpinnings of a culture, much less a civilization, the only other available Something Else is Islam.

  2. better wording for "Christian morality" would have been "Christian moral understanding"


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