Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Cult of Banning

From foie gras to sugar to salt to plastic bags to guns. From homeopath products to coffee to alcohol and cigarettes to recycling. From GMO to climate change to vaccines. From race to racialism. From music lyrics to classic novels and films that offend contemporary sensitive sensibilities to the attack and sometimes destruction of freedom of speech. Never mind the disturbing trend of reversing our hallowed maxim of innocent until proven guilty. Nope. Now, it's all burn them at the stake before the facts come in.
It's a culture of fear and control (usually in the incompetent and nonsensical form of bans (for our own good), caps and trades (with negligible results and impact on the environment but a boon for eco-profiteers), taxes that help to spawn create black markets etc). Always has been. Once upon a time we were terrified of gods, witches, technology, and Jews (well, we still are apparently). We just made a trade is all. We're far more ambitious with this climate change thing.

Point is. Aspirin (and Crestor) works.

Irrational behavior (always masked in self-righteous crap or scientific jargon) is a key feature of humanity. Guys like Bloomberg are nanny-ninnies who seek to control in the name of protecting. In the end, all they contribute to the 'greater good' is irrationalism. Often graduating into surreal logic and behavior.

Release your inner reason I say. Appeal to your basic logic free of emotional input. No?

It also seems to happen quite a bit in capitalist systems. But I digress.

Nevertheless, be careful. Be very afraid.-

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